Bacon and Tomato Sauce
This is a simple, flavoursome sauce is ideal to use with pasta, or as a base for pizza. The smoked bacon adds warmth and slight saltiness, which blends well with the fresh, sharper flavours of the tomato. Ale-gar©® introduces some spice, depth and richness, giving the recipe a real point of difference.

Mediaeval Lamb and Pear Pie
This historic dish was better known as ‘Kat Pie’ and was a favourite of visitors to Templeton Fair in Pembrokeshire. A confection of minced lamb or mutton mixed with currants and brown sugar, it is thought to have been a leading influence in the development of the modern mince pie.

Pasta Sausage Bake and Roast Tomato Cream
This tasty, yet simple, dish can be traced back to the first written record of pasta with tomato sauce, which can be found in the 1790 cookbook L’Apicio Moderno by Roman chef, Francesco Leonardi. Prior to the addition of tomato sauce, pasta was eaten dry with the fingers. Once the liquid sauce was introduced, it demanded the use of a fork!

Pot Roast Shin Beef in Ale and Honey
This recipe dates back to the late 14th century (approximately 1591), where it was the centrepiece of celebrations for the harvest and other festivals. Ale was the main liquid of the day, accompanying breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was, therefore, used a great deal in dishes, with most farms and homes brewing their own ale on a daily basis. The ale of that period did not contain hops, which prevents the souring process, so soured ale (or ale-aigre as it was known in French and within the English Royal courts) was used in the same way as we use vinegar today for seasoning and preserving. This recipe contains both ale and Ale-gar©®, which give this dish a truly wonderful flavour.