Roman Vinaigre


Courgette Cake
The courgette, also known as ‘zucchini’, has its ancestry in the Americas. However, there are varieties of squash called zucchini, which were developed in Italy many generations after their conception in the New World. In all probability, this occurred in the very late 19th century near Milan. The alternative name ‘courgette’ is from the French. My recipe is an adaptation of the much-loved carrot cake. Both vegetables offer the required moisture, flavour and density and, even more importantly, can provide one of your recommended five-a-day portions of fruit and vegetables – a case of having your cake and eating it!

Roman Fish Stew
This dish appears to have been very popular in the coastal regions of Britain at the end of the Roman conquest in 410 AD. There are cockle companies that have records of the Romans harvesting cockles in Wales. It would also have been natural to add other fish and the catch of the day to the pot. This authentic version of the dish includes my Roman Vinaigre©®, which adds fresh, clean acidity to draw out the best from the ingredients.