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Usable ART has been created and developed by Alan Coxon in order to bring a unique looking product for everyday use around the home.

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If you would like to have your own bespoke UsableART produced as a gift, present or for use within your own home, restaurant or kitchen, then please select the number of individual pieces that you would like creating for you.

Once we have received payment we will contact you for the images that you wish to turn into UsableART and begin creating for you. All bespoke UsableART will come boxed and have it’s own certificate of authenticity signed by both the artist and Alan.


The glass bottle designed by Alan has a solid feel, curvaceousness in the hand and a practical application. The shape is appealing to the eye and naturally suitable to stand in the kitchen or on the dining table containing homemade dressings, sauces or oils.

These individual unique and bespoke pieces of artwork are not only for culinary use but also look great in the bathroom filled with bubble bath, shampoo, in the window with a few elegant flowers or transforming the evening by adding a touch of romance with a candle.

The Artwork found on the bottles are all one-off individual images, they are hand printed and painted by artist RaRa Jane, who also incorporates silver leaf to add a touch of elegance. RaRa Jane uses the latest techniques and every bottle undergoes a three day handmade process.

This bottle allows a point of difference and conversational piece in the home, it adds colour and individual art to some everyday areas and with so many colours available can also fit in with your own colour scheme.

The bottles are presented in silk lined gift boxes and come with a certificate of authenticity signed by artist Ra Ra Jane and Alan offfering a stunning unique gift for Christmas, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. We may even incorporate your own specific images or art onto the bottle, making for a truly bespoke and practical item.

All Usable Art comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by both the artist and Alan.


*It is recommended that the bottle is hand washed only without the use of harsh detergents or abrasives.

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