“I think that Alan Coxon’s historic range tastes sublime. The quality and flavour of the Ale-gar©® is outstanding; I use it in my guinea fowl dish instead of balsamic now. The Roman is great in my salads as a dressing, and I use the Greek in marinades. Alan is truly a great chef, and now he has some great products that I will continue to use.”

Gennaro Contaldo, mentor to Jamie Oliver and presenter of the BBC Two TV series: The Two Greedy Italians

“Oh my God, they are magnificent! Great acidity, balance and sweetness, plus the bottles are so beautiful!”

Gino De Campo, TV celebrity chef: Ready Steady Cook and I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

“The Ale-gar©® is my favourite; rich in texture and taste, smooth and balanced in aroma, very Balsamico in style. I use it with freshly cooked lobster, still warm; it’s great! Also, reduce it to syrup and pour over a couple of drops onto vanilla ice cream, or over a piece of Parmigiano cheese – congratulations!”

Reto Mathis, President of the World Gourmet Club, St Moritz; President of the Swiss Gourmet Festival; President of the Champagne Club

“It’s absolutely beautiful. I want to have it in Switzerland.”

Irma Dutsch, Michelin Star Chef, Switzerland

“These products are delicious; I will use them in the kitchen and would like to sell them in my boutique deli.”

Franck Quinton, Michelin star chef; Proprietor, Le Manoir de Lys Normandy

“These products are sensational. I will use them in my kitchen; they are some of the best products I have come across for a long time. I have been using the complete range in my cookery demonstrations because they are great products.”

Peter Devlin, Ritz Hotel, Paris, France

“The flavours that come from Alan Coxon’s Vinaigres and Ale-gar©® are second to none. It is also an inspiration to delve into the historical recipes and re-create some of those dishes in a modern way.”

Daniel Ayton, Executive Sous Chef, Crowne Plaza Hotel London St James

“Chef Alan Coxon’s Historic Food Range is highly unusual and authentic, and draws on recipes used in Ancient Rome and Greece. I particularly liked the Luxury Marinated Onions and Golden Baby Beetroot, both pickled in Roman Vinaigre©®, which was sweeter and milder than what we’re used to so didn’t overpower the veg; perfect with cheeses and meats. And Alan’s Ale-gar©® is a wonderful alternative to balsamic vinegar.”

Delia Smith CBE, British cook and TV presenter

“Molecular gastronomy may be the epitome of current haute-cuisine, but after watching Heston Blumenthal’s recent Victorian Feast series, I was seriously envious of the way they ate back then. Chef Alan Coxon clearly shares this view. His range of award-winning vinegars is a sumptuous reproduction of the flavours and ingredients that once adorned tables of the mighty Roman Emperors, mediaeval knights and Ancient Greek temples! Furthermore, he has incorporated these ancient vinegars into the creation of his new luxury pickles and chutneys. With items in the range including Historic Roman Golden Beetroots in Roman Vinaigre©® and Baby Ruby Beetroots in Ancient Greek Vinegar©®, the food of our ancestors is but a mouse-click away.”

Jamie Oliver, MBE, British chef, restaurateur and media personality